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Hello Everyone and Thanks for visiting! I'm a mother of 2 beautiful girls. Happly married since 2003 to my wonderful husband. I try whatever I can to make my life as Self Reliant as possible. I'm not as far as I want as this moment. So If anyone has any Comments and Ideas PLEASE Share them with me. I love the things that I can reuse and are natural/ Organic. With the socitey today it's all about how The Companies can make us depend on things. So materlalism! Plus some of The cOmpanies claim that its healthy for you and then you buys it only finding out later it has chemicals thats not good for body. So I'm doing as much research as I can to do things the natural/organic Self Reliant way. I hope you find these things interesting and helpful.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How to make Fire starter

These easy to make fire starter is simple and affective. They burn about 15 mins and is awsome way to recycle. I would put one in to start a fire in our wood stove and crack the door and let it do it's thing.

You need: Dental Floss, Egg Carton, Dryer Lint, Candle in a glass jar

  • We want to melt the wax.
Either have a double boiler for just the wax. Wax being on top and water below. Or just put enough water in a pot so that the water comes half way to the candle thats has a container. When it melts take the wick out.
  • Cut the Egg carton up into indivial cups.
  • Add the Lint from the Dryer (You can also use saw dust too.) In the cup. Fold the sides in to cover the lint Tie the dental floss to close it shut.
  • Set it in the melted candle wax. let the egg carton soak it up for a couple of minutes and take out and set on wax paper to dry.
  • When got to use it just light the floss and toss in where you want. Some where, where it will do the most damage.

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